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My name is Anto Dharsono. I am a portrait and fashion photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. My work has been described as Classic, Romantic, and Clean. These are three qualities that make up a perfect image and I nail it in every team.


I was born in Jakarta and discovered my passion for photography at the age of 19, with Nikon FM2 as my first gear. Now I am working with Canon DSLR for my regular camera. As an autodidactic, I started with portrait photographs, which allowed me to learn all about working with light and camera techniques.


I work with traditional analogue and digital photography. From an early stage, I had a passion for portrait, glamour, and fashion photography. Always in search of the natural sensuality of my models, I developed a style and an attitude of my own.

When shooting my independent work, I prefer spontaneity, hardly ever planning precise settings and poses. The focus is always on capturing the "mood and charisma" of the model. I prefer to work on location. As a result of the interaction of daylight and the environment, my photographs evoke a natural and captivating mood.

Today, I lived in Maputo Mozambique. I photograph portraits, glamour, fashion, swimsuit, corporate company profile, social media profiles, pre-wedding, and event coverage. 



"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"


Gudang Peluru


Jakarta 12830 - INDONESIA

Tel: +258 86 9957978, +62 818 966140 

Whatsapp: +258 86 9957978

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