Fashion Photo Shoot

I provide any type of fashion photography: lookbooks, editorial, magazines, catalogs, etc.

It is always so exciting to do fashion photography. Especially in Jakarta. Where the world is revolving around the photographer: models, makeup artists, wardrobe and hair stylists, etc.

As a fashion photographer who has made hundreds of fashion shoots, I always try to unite two opposite things: on the one hand

I should work like a photography machine trying to get as many pictures as I can and on the other hand I should be

a creative photographer trying to make every picture as much unique as I can.

To achieve that I always spend time before to prepare for the shoot. To meet my client, discuss the idea and every detail

of our future fashion shoot to create a detailed plan. When you have a plan and when you completely understand

what your client needs your work becomes very effective. And I always follow this rule: the more time you spent

preparing for the fashion shoot, the better result you get!

I understand everything in fashion photography and I am a photographer you need.