PORTRAIT and BEAUTY photography is my strong point. And this is the most frequent type of photography I do in my studio.

I like portrait photography. And I always keep in mind two main goals, two things: to show the BEAUTY of my model and

to show the MOOD/EMOTIONS, the INNER WORLD. And my experience in portrait and beauty photography helps me

not to think about the technique of photography but to focus on those two things. 

I can create a portrait just in several minutes. When a regular photographer is just starting to work I could get several nice portrait pictures. My experience, creativity, and efficiency can help us to get incredible results in every photo-shoot.

Portrait pictures are very demanded in the photography market. On the one hand, it could be commercial beauty or portrait pictures: images for jewelry companies, cosmetic manufacturers, salons, advertising, business portrait, modeling and actor portfolio, etc.

On the other, it could be private portrait and beauty shoots: family pictures, private photo-shoots, etc.

I am located in Jakarta but ready to go for professional portrait photo-shoot in any place both in Indonesia and abroad.

We will get amazing portraits. Working together. I guarantee.